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Learn About Tigerwood Decking and Flooring

Tigerwood, (aka Goncalo Alves) sometimes known as Brazilian Koa, is one of the finest quality exotic hardwoods available. It features a light golden-brown to reddish-brown coloring with exotic black and brown streaks, hence the name. Naturally resistant to rot and decay, Tigerwood decking is the third hardest decking material we sell. This means Tigerwood flooring and decking can last up to 30+ year without preservatives.

Being that Tigerwood is one of the hardest and most durable hardwoods, it is resistant to things like scratching. So, if you have pets, patio furniture, or expect your deck will see heavy foot traffic, then having a higher resistance to scratching is a useful feature.

Tigerwood also possesses a look that is completely unique to itself. So many composite products or stains try to mimic this look, but nothing ever compares to the real Tigerwood. One of the negatives associated with Tigerwood is that it is quite expensive compared to other materials. It’s important to note that while Tigerwood can be an expensive material, that’s generally the case only when compared to traditional softwoods. Because Tigerwood has one of the highest market values out of all decking materials, this should be taken this into consideration if pricing is a factor for your project,


Tigerwood Decking Benefits

  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Resistant to sun damage, scratching and routine wear and tear
  • Highly dense composition prevents warping, splintering and cracking.
  • Responsibly harvested
  • Truly renewable resource

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Common Tigerwood
Decking Questions

Is Tigerwood a good option compared to composite decking?

Tigerwood is an excellent choice for a deck! Its natural durability and beauty allows you to create the look of a hardwood floor that extends out from your house right onto your deck. There are composite decks that try to mimic the amazing look and beauty of Tigerwood decking, however nothing can beat the original.

My friend installed a Tigerwood deck in his backyard, isn’t that extremely expensive?

No. While Tigerwood decking is generally a bit more expensive than softwoods like Cedar and Redwood, it is much more economical than many composite deck offerings. Tigerwood decking does provide one of the highest values of ANY decking material available on the market.

Examples of Tigerwood Decking

Home > Decking > Exotic Hardwood > Tigerwood Decking